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Mário Félix


I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I wanted to be an architect since I was 7 years old, but due to the influence of an Art teacher in high school, I ended up being a graphic designer. I began my professional activity when I was 17, working in various ateliers and learning with great masters of publicity and graphic design. I had an internship in FIL - AIP and had drawing and painting classes in Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes. I was in military service at the Audiovisuais da Força Aérea (CAVFA - in Alfragide), where I learned photography, photo-reporting and aerial photography. I developed my skills working for some advertising agencies (EPG-TBWA; Grafidec; Quartzo; One to One; Executivo M.P.), where I worked as an art-finalist, visualiser and art director. Based on knowledge and experience acquired through the years I decided to begin working in my own behalf and to open Félix Design in 1996. Since the beginning I focused on personalised contact with my clients. From the smallest business to great multinationals, the list of partners/clients that enjoyed Félix Design's services through all these years is a long one: ATM Informática, Edinfor, Domplex, Janssen Cilag, C.M. Lisboa, Concentra, Pescanova, Cidec, Granitos de Maceira, Comingersoll, Maxifrota, Cenor, Euroatla, Maeil IS Enginnering, Do IT, Make IT, Minimal, G.S.K. - Consumer Healthcare, Philips, Biocol, Midelco, Dr. Bayard, Ferring, Novartis, BH Angola, 2045 Alerta, Oeiras Viva, Football By Carlos Queiroz - Manchester United Soccer Schools (UK), Nutradvance, Plantapol (Espanha), Proaromática, FIMAQ (Cabo Verde), Harrisburg City Islanders Soccer Club - USL (USA), COP - Comité Olímpico de Portugal, among many others…