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Mário Félix


I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I wanted to be an architect since I was 7 years old, but due to the influence of an Art teacher in high school, I ended up being a graphic designer. I began my professional activity when I was 17, working in various ateliers and learning with great masters of publicity and graphic design. I had an internship in FIL – AIP and had drawing and painting classes in Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes. I was in military service at the Audiovisuais da Força Aérea (CAVFA - in Alfragide), where I learned photography, photo-reporting and aerial photography. I developed my skills working for some advertising agencies (EPG-TBWA; Grafidec; Quartzo; One to One; Executivo M.P.), where I worked as an art-finalist, visualiser and art director. Based on knowledge and experience acquired through the years I decided to begin working in my own behalf and to open Félix Design in 1996. Since the beginning I focused on personalised contact with my clients. From the smallest business to great multinationals, the list of partners/clients that enjoyed Félix Design's services through all these years is a long one: COP - Comité Olímpico de Portugal, PhoneHouse, ItTamarindo, Missus, Nuiynature, ATM Informática, Edinfor, Domplex, Janssen Cilag, C.M. Lisboa, Concentra, Pescanova, Cidec, Granitos de Maceira, Comingersoll, Maxifrota, Cenor, Euroatla, Maeil IS Enginnering, Do IT, Make IT, Minimal, G.S.K. - Consumer Healthcare, Philips, Biocollabs, Midelco, Dr. Bayard, Ferring, Novartis, BH Angola, 2045 Alerta, Oeiras Viva, Football By Carlos Queiroz - Manchester United Soccer Schools (UK), Nutradvance, Plantapol (Espanha), Proaromática, FIMAQ (Cabo Verde), Harrisburg City Islanders Soccer Club - USL (USA), Angola Mais (Angola), among many others…